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Hey i'm abby

okay so i'm sitting here on a sun day with a hangover and the thoght of bordom is unberible in my current condition so fuck i'll join a community.....i don't like to be hated but i also don't lke to lie or be lied to so if following that rule gets me hated then so what least om not living for somone else.....i live in pdx...(portland oregon) and things here ain't to shabby....actally i'm lying it's boreing maybe thats why i'm such anm alcoholic....not really but hey life seems more colorful when your drunk.......i'm not an open book so IM me or comment to this....join handowedmartin...if your seeking yet another kick ass community to bitch about music your parents and how the U.$.A is just a scam....i love the cramps, and the germs, and art....1984 is a kick ass book
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